Space : Void [a work on paper] (2010)

A site specific re-pamphleting. An intervention. A reply to propaganda. A final gesture. A bit of fun.

'Void' Rachael Clerke, 2010. Click for larger image.

Space : Void was a response to Dartington Hall Trust’s publication Space, designed to advertise the availability of studio space for artists on the Dartington Hall estate (previously Dartington College of Arts). It challenged the Trust’s desire to re-brand spaces which had been built for a specific purpose (educational) for commercial gain.

Space : Void was distributed amongst students, staff and members of the public during the final Dartington festival and closure of Dartington College of Arts, 16th – 20th June 2010. It was also placed into official Dartington Hall Trust leaflet stands, replacing and mixing with the trust’s original publication, Space.


'Space' Dartington Hall Trust, 2010. Click for larger image.

A4 paper double sided, gloss. Edition of 100

Click here to download Dartington Hall Trust’s original Space publication
Click here to download Rachael’s alternative Void publication

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