Omnibus (2010)

Omnibus was a performance event which took place in Totnes on May 16th 2010 and was then repeated on June 20th for the Dartington Festival.

Omnibus took place on a 1950′s bedford OB SL-71 Duple bus which transported the audience and performers through the town of Totnes and out into the village of Dartington.

The company used gathered stories and facts about the town of Totnes as well as real and fictional accounts of bus travel in the 1950s. Memories that were made many years ago, and memories that have only recently come to exist. Interviews with the lunch club at Totnes Caring. Photographic documentation from Totnes Image Bank.

© Rachael Clerke 2011-2014

Created and Performed by:
Katharina Walsh
Matthew Smallwood
Anne Hartmann
Rachael Clerke
Jojo McCourt (performer)
Trevor Smallwood (driver)

The Omnibus was a ‘Back to the Future’ experience which left the passengers telling each other to ‘stay on the bus’ to see if they could sneak onto another trip back in time.
Zoe Collins for the Totnes Times.

More documentation for this project can be found here.
photos by Paul White and Pete Griffiths

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