from Glasgow

SO, what’s new?

After a not inconsiderable amount of internet trawling I found a place to live in Glasgow, through the good old fashioned friend of a friend of a friend network. It’s cheap (very, very wonderfully cheap) and cheerful, and this morning I ate scrambled eggs laid by the chickens that inhabit the back garden. Flatmates: one stand up comedian, one pub quiz master, one girl who works for the home office and a postie/painter in the basement.

The past few days have been spent trying to find my feet, or indeed my whole being, in a city that I have realised is much stranger to me than I had previously thought. I have family here, and know my way around in a kind of rudimentary way, but have no feel for the place as yet. I feel a need to meet people with whom I can engage artistically and am thinking about doing a workshop of some sort, to see if I can find a way into the ‘scene’ here.

Anyway, on Friday I put on my flâneur shoes on a sunny day and drifted my way through the southside (where I now live, mail to 28 Queen Mary Drive, G42 8DT please!) and towards the city. I came across a lot of litter/ evidence of drinking, derelict buildings, a friendly man at a bus stop, a park. See photos below.


I managed to get my final proposal submitted on Thursday, and it was a relief to get it out of the way, although I wasn’t completely happy with the way that it represented this project. I worry that I still don’t know well enough myself, what it is I am trying to investigate/say. Keep thinking, ‘it will come’, but will it? Or do I just need to decide? Torn between knowing too much, and therefore only investigating to find answers that back up my own prejudices and beliefs; and knowing too little, and drifting around in an aimless, erratic kind of way. 

An idea that has interested me from the start has been that of ‘possible futures’. Ways that Scotland could go. Not necessarily likely, or realistic, but ones that aren’t too much of a stretch of the imagination.

Inspired by the mass over-Atatürk-ing I experienced when living in Turkey, I plan to create a similar Alex Salmond version. Could he be the FATHER OF SCOTLAND? Billie, amazing lady that she is, who is still living out in Istanbul sent me a box full of merchandise. In it was a flag. And today I did some drawings...


The next few days will be spent in libraries trying to get more background... There are too many words, so I’ll write more when I’ve read more of them. Good night.