from Edinburgh

Dear friends, 

You'll be pleased to know that I have now inhabited the life of Donald Trump; on Donald Trump's golf course, wearing Donald Trump's red baseball cap and Donald Trump's face. 

It happened on Thursday the 1st of December on The Great Dunes of ScotlandTM near Balmedie, Aberdeenshire. Donald Trump was accompanied by his assistant, Blair Bowman, who also interviewed him, and held the camera, and drove, and was an all round good guy.

Feel like you missed out on this historic event
™? Here's a photo.

Still feel like you missed out? The video of this historic eventTM will be released in the next few days. Unfortunately my film-editing-machine (computer) has decided to stop working, so everything is a bit delyed.

Also, unfortunately, some of the security staff on the Great Dunes of ScotlandTM seem to be unable to spot Donald Trump despite being employed by him, and asked Trump to remove himself from the site - how embarrassing! Needless to say these staff are no longer in my employ.

Good night.x

(p.s. Sorry, I had to do it.)