from London

For the last few weeks I've been trying to force myself to think about this project, and given that things have become fairly quiet on the employment front (the pub has evidently got a bit hacked off with my, "Oh, I'm in Edinburgh that week... oh actually, no I'll be here, oh wait ! A festival? No... I'm getting laser eye surgery that day. Yep, really. Oh but can't you give me some shifts for the weekend? Oh, I can't do that" attitude) this should have been more successful than it has been.

But, it's been quite a while since I've been a proper University student, if I ever was, and really feel like I've had to re-realise the best ways of working. For me. Just me.

So, number one is definitely that the computer does not and will not do the trick for 'stage one thinking' - putting loads of ideas down, writing scrappy blurbs etc. The other day I scrapped this:

for this:

And got an enormous amount of work done. SO, happily - final proposal is now well underway, and I'm beginning to get a better idea of how this project actually might work. I'm also going to go this week to the Live Art Development Agency study room in Tower Hamlets to do some research on theatre makers and performance artists who work with similar subject matter. At the moment most of my references seem to be more popular culture based, but is that a bad thing?

This, for example, is a big reference for me. It's also well worth watching, by the way, because it's very funny.