bibliography not harvard'ed//just for reference

Marcus Coates (2001) Marcus Coates, UK: Grizedale Books

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The Yes Men Fix the World (DVD)

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We are History, Marcus Brigstoke et al - 'Too Scot to Handle'

Tennents advert from 1991

SNP 'The Homecoming' advert

The Invention of Tradition edited by Eric Hobsbawm (sp?): The invention of the Highland Tradition in Scotland, ch.1

Nationalism by Rabindranath Tagore

John Prebble's Scotland

The Scotsman free book - how to trace your scottish family tree (what is the real title??)

The wikipedia page for Scottish History timeline < website about
Zbigniew Libera's LEGO concentration camps

Tomorrow's Scotland: edited by Gerry Hassan and Chris Warhurst

These Fissures Isles: Ireland, Scotland and British History 1798 - 1848, ed. Terry Brotherstone, Anna Clark, Kevin Whelan

Scottish Nationalism and the Idea of Europe by Atsuko Ichijo, chapter 1 The Scots and Scotland

Devolution, Scottish Answers to Scottish Questions

ImagiNation, Stories of Scotland's future, ed. Bryan Beattie and Gerry Hassan

BBC documentary series, Scotland's History (2008?)

'Rory Bremner and the Fighting Scots' - BBC documentary

'Do the English know anything about Scotland? ' The Guardian commentisfree, Ian Jack, 28th October:

Andy Wightman's report on the Donald Trump Golf fiasco "DONALD TRUMP'S EGO TRIP: LESSONS FOR THE NEW SCOTLAND" 13 May 2011, pdf 37 pages:

Braveheart 'The Eagle bears the standard Scottish stereotype'

You've been Trumped, film by Anthony Baxter

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