Isabella (2009-10)

‘ISABELLA PURVES was last seen alive in 2004. Her routine had become familiar with her local community in the Canonmills area of Edinburgh: dressed in her hiking boots and laden with a rucksack, she would buy a copy of the Daily Mail with the minimum of conversational effort, and then go for a walk.

And then she disappeared, aged 85. In the brief moments since, when locals wondered where she went, they always came to the conclusion she’d moved.

That was until Purves’ body was found last week. Police believe she died five years ago in her tenement flat, but went undiscovered until a leak was reported to the council.

Anyone looking for a community racked with grief yesterday over the apparent neglect of a neighbour would be better looking elsewhere. There is shock at how long she lay undiscovered, mail piling up three-feet deep at her door, but not much soul searching.’
The Glasgow Herald, 4th July 2009

A 5 women studio performance with live lounge band based on the story of Isabella Purves. Part cabaret, part documentary, part pure, unadulterated fiction.

Devised and Performed by:
Rachael Clerke
Jojo McCourt

Martina Gelentsova
Tate Boat
Harriet Couzens

Lorenzo Prati
Charlie Higgitt (Piano)
Luke Dolman (Drums)

photos by Richard Cullen


© Rachael Clerke 2011-2014

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