© Rachael Clerke 2012-2014

A performance lecture by Rachael Clerke

On the 3rd of December 2011, as part of my ongoing research project into Scottish nationalism and identity Oh My God – I’m Scottish too!! I re-enacted the famous Braveheart freedom speech outside of Rangers FC (now ‘The Rangers FC’) Ibrox stadium.

I wanted to ask questions about what we identify as ‘Scottish’. It is now almost exactly 700 years since Mel Gibson made the original speech, and now the same questions are being asked surrounding independence. I wanted to know if people feel a resonance with that, with this factually inaccurate stereotype of a film that we undeniably allow to represent us.

The video of the event and my corresponding blog post became the subject of a forum thread on popular Rangers fan site Rangers Media Forum. People were quite angry and I received a torrent of bad ‘reviews’ including favourites such as ‘Moronic Catholic Lesbian’ and ‘Performance Art? Either learn to paint or sculpt or fuck off’.

This is mainly a show about that.

A half hour scratch of this show was performed at Glasgow Buzzcut festival on the 17th March 2012. Click here for photos of that.

I intend to develop this piece in 2013/14 prior to the Scottish referendum on independence on 18/8/14.

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