The Gogglettes (2010+)

The Gogglettes is an ongoing cabaret collaboration between Jojo McCourt and Rachael Clerke (also known as Touch & Meet). A ridiculous duo in fishnet tights, very high heels, lots of makeup.... Swimsuits, caps and goggles. The Gogglettes are Georgina and Cassidy from the Hemel Hempstead Synchronised Swimming Club. The gogglettes are cabaret at its most ridiculous, fun and absurd.

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Previous performances include:
Laura and Lauren
‘s April Fools Arty Party at Dirty Dick’s, London, 2010
Cardiff Arts Institute
May Day Bank Holiday, 2010
Dartington Festival, June 2010
Rolling Stage's 'District 10' at UCF, June 2011
Concourse Festival, Falmouth, 10th March 2012

Future projects:
Dr. Sketchy’s, Falmouth



© Rachael Clerke 2011-2014

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