from Istanbul
original post 19th December 2010

Living in a city where you can’t cycle/don’t cycle drives me mad. I hate not being able to ‘pop down the road’, just a km or so, in a couple of minutes. When you walk you have to put a real investment into going somewhere. If it’s 2km away, you need to be going there for a reason. If you cycle there, then it doesn’t matter if whatever your mission was doesn’t work out. Yada yada yada. And many other pros and pros. I’m a bike person. I can’t help it.

Luckily, I have the internet (or I wouldn’t be writing this!), which means – if I can’t cycle a bicycle – I can look at them. And at cycle fashion (surprisingly very cool), and plan everything for when I come back to the UK or another more bike friendly environment. We can all dream, right….

This is the Charge Hob, which I want for it’s mixte frame. I would also like to be black. I think acquiring the bike may be easier… one thing at a time eh.

But then… perhaps I would rather a very sleek very cool Tokyobike Bisou?

What can I say? Life is hard.