from Bristol

As many of you know, I have recently moved into a house. It’s in Bristol, and it’s very nice, and I get to live with great people and I don’t know when I’ll move out. That is the important thing. This is the first house I’ll have lived in, since leaving home, where I don’t know when I’ll move out. It’s also the first house I’ve lived in and paid rent for and had a bedroom in at all for the last six months, but I don’t think that’s as important.

This lack of end-date has meant a few things. 1. I ripped up my carpet because it was daggy and brown, and now I have nice floorboards. Even if I knew I was going to move out in a year or two years, I wouldn’t have done that. Even though I could potentially only live here for six months. The fact that I don’t have to move out at a certain time, or at least I don’t yet know when that time will be is ace, so I ripped the carpet up. That made sense somehow. (Also, I’d thoroughly recommend it)

2. I bought a breadknife so now I own two really good knives. Yeah yeah!

And, mainly, 3. I got all my stuff out of my mum’s attic in Edinburgh and took it down here. Who knew I owned so much stuff! It’s amazing. A lot of it is still in boxes, but it’s amazing nonetheless.

Most of my stuff apart from clothes is paper-related. Boxes of letters and books and notebooks. Notebooks and notebooks. From my whole life, but mainly from the last six years. When I left school aged almost-seventeen, I decided to become Rachael Clerke (current version). It was a very clear decision, very deliberate.* And I started keeping my first proper notebook. And now I’ve got most of them here – I seem to have lost about four or five – and I’m mighty glad I kept them all, because apart from making it easy for whoever ends up writing my biography once I’m dead (har har), they are pretty entertaining/nice/funny/moving. For me anyway.

And it seems like the most self-centred thing in the world to post these on my blog, so I do apologise if I am boring you, though I only think ‘you’ are about three people, but the excitement of having all my notebooks here and also now having a scanner means that here are some scanned in bits from the first notebook (summer, 2007). And probably there will be more scanned in bits from further notebooks to follow if I don’t become incredibly ashamed of this self-centred blogging machine.**

Also, the notebooks get better over time.

1. SOLDES drawing: Youth Hostel in Paris, July. Beginning of the Interrail trip with Inis and Matt. I’m not sure where they were but I was sitting in the café area downstairs on my own for ages. I remember the hostel was really expensive, the guy we shared a room with had smelly feet, and we camped the next night in the Bois de Boloigne to make up for the price of the hostel.

2. Postcard from Venice, July. Inis and I went to Italy without Matt. In Venice we stayed in a convent and hopped vaparettos all day without paying for them and everyone wore thick framed glasses and the city blew my mind because it was beautiful and totally weird.

3. Drawing of my perfect car and to-do list, August or September. The car has a chandelier in it. I have still never bought a sports bra and still regularly write it on to-buy lists.


*That doesn’t mean it is a fake version – if it is I’ve been holding it up very convincingly – but rather that it seemed like a good time to transform a bit and become the horrendous art-wank type I am now, cycling, keeping notebooks, writing letters...

**I promise to post something about the ‘world’ soon.