Role: Producer, part time for Cuncrete at Edinburgh Fringe (Summerhall)
Fee: £900
Deadline: Weds 1 June


Myself (Rachael) and the Great White Males (the finest anti-virtuoso drag king punk band in the world) are looking to work with an experienced independent producer for the Edinburgh Fringe run of our show, Cuncrete, this August at Summerhall.

Cuncrete is a theatre show about concrete architecture and alpha-masculinity. It’s performed by Archibald Tactful, with his house band the Great White Males. We are all women dressed as rich blokes. It’s pretty grotesque, funny in a dark way and very loud. It feels more like a gig than a show.

We’re keen to work with a producer who is A. brilliant and B. who is already going to be up there for the fringe, and has the capacity to take on another show part-time. A lot of the logistical stuff has already been done, so this isn’t a huge project management role; it’s more about having someone on our side whilst we’re there. The fee is £900.

Things we’d like a producer to be doing:

• Inviting venue & festival programmers to see the show, and being the point of contact for them.
• Being the first point of contact for Summerhall during the festival run.
• An element of pastoral care: hanging out with us, coming to see the show, eating lunch with us, drinking with us every now and again.
• Talking to people about the work and making them excited about it.

Who we imagine this producer to be:

• Ideally someone who has seen and likes the show/my work, or really likes the sound of Cuncrete and the Great White Males.
• Someone who will be in Edinburgh during the festival and who has a bit of time leading up to that.
• Someone who has experience producing work at the fringe, and who has their own contacts with venues and festivals.

If having a conversation about this sounds interesting to you, send me an email on before Wednesday 1st June. If we don’t know each other (or even if we do), it would be great to know a bit about you, the kind of stuff you do, why this sounds interesting to you and whatever else you want me to know.

You can find out more about me & my work at

Cuncrete will be on at 10pm in the Summerhall Demonstration Room from the 3rd - 26th August (not 4th, 8th, 15th or 22nd)