from Bristol

This is a blog post that I wrote last week for the Interval
website. Interval is an artist led support network and studio space in Bristol that I am lucky enough to be a part of. The Braveheart screening mentioned in this has unfortunately already been and gone.

23 July 2013

Something we often talk about at Interval meetings is the fact that we’re not always as much of a community as we would like to be. Sometimes we feel more like just a group that use the same space, so it’s something we’ve been trying to address. It feels important that as well as having a cheap communal space, we also help each other with the work we’re making, and spend some time together.

So we’ve been doing a few more things. Lina held a film night a few weeks ago which sounded like a great success, and I’ll be holding another one (details at the bottom of this post) tomorrow. We’ve been using a facebook discussion group which strange as it might sound makes me, at least, feel closer to everyone – something about being able to clearly see what’s being said rather than a million reply-all emails. Last month Eleanor and Jo showed and talked about some work they were making at a sharing, the first we’ve had in a while, and it’s been really great to get to see the culmination of both of these projects – Jo and Yas’s The Water is Wide that was shown as part of 38 Bristols and that many of us took part in, beating a drum for four hours to send a sound to America and Eleanor’s Desperately Seeking Susan that I cycled hell for leather to get to see at the Cube on Saturday night (and I’m real glad I did).

Noemi Iglesias drumming as part of The Water is Wide

And, of course, inevitably, bittersweetly, the beginning of the end of this building has brought us together more than anything.

But before the end (and it won’t be the end anyway! The council are going to re-home us! Hooray!) we’ve got some new blood too. Alfie Heffer has joined the group and this morning we’ve sweatily carried a new desk to the Interval office from my house in Easton. Hello Alfie! Hello new desk!

Our new desk and new member...
Alfie taking a break with our new desk.

The sun has been shining for weeks, there was the most fantastic thunderstorm last night, we are moving forward as a gang, and you should come and watch Braveheart tomorrow night if you’re into that sort of thing.

Love, Rachael x