from Bristol

Sixth piece of fortnight writing. The subject - 'honesty' - was given to me by Stephanie Brotchie, an Australian artist, producer, writer, and idiot currently based in London. Thanks to Paul White for sending me the photograph that I have written this piece about.

I'm now taking a fortnight holiday from fortnight writing as Clerke and Joy are taking our show
Volcano on the road.


This is me.

It’s probably the most ‘attractive’ I’ve ever looked given the circumstances. The circumstances being that all of the things I am generally self-conscious about are on show.

1.     I am more or less in profile, which accentuates both the bump on my nose and my slightly harsh jawline.

2.     Also that inbetween hair, undecided length

3.     I have a small spot to the right of my mouth, which is where I still develop small spots.

I like the fact that I am wearing the number 42 – I grew up in a household where that was the answer to life, the universe and everything long before I had ever heard of Douglas Adams and the hitchhikers guide. It is my mother’s favourite number. I am my mother’s favourite (and only) daughter.

The eyebrows took ages, but I’m happy with how they turned out.

It’s summer and my freckles are out.

This photo has attained 58 facebook likes in the 24 hours since I made it my profile picture. This is more ‘likes’ than any other photograph of me has ever achieved. There are 1303 phtographs of me on facebook, so on a very simple level we can assume that this photo ranks number 1 out of 1303.

People who facebook like this photograph:

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This is not me. This is a photograph of someone else.