from Bristol

Fourth piece of fortnight writing (a day late). The subject, 'the limits of imagination' was given to me by Sean Clark, a guitar-maker based in Bristol.


Dear Sean,

I have a confession to make.

My imagination, it’s limited. 

There is nowt that I can see without first seeing. 

And now I am unsure of how to spend this minus time available – for I have wasted these past weeks in deep concentrated

want to remember my imagination,

But I can’t.

And ‘stead of scrawling scientific brain synapse facts re. dreams for you

I’ve felt I should be conjouring:

Of lands I’ve never been to

people I’ll never meet, a place
where trees smoke cigarettes, perhaps

and bananas have replaced ears…

or something like that.
And yes, I’ve learnt a lot from nonsense poets but –

to conclude –
I do not dream of things I have not known for fact or read in books.

(so we must read books, after all)

Because the thoughts I first suppose are new and never seen before turn out repeatedly to be a

of the stuff I’ve seen and maybe even touched.

And now I think about it
that man in the tree-costume (green face),

drum blue, tired eyes.

Or a baby adding food to fill the orifice in the side of it’s head is not so strange,

after all,

is it,


And yes,
it’s disappointing


to know that my
imagination is limited.

But I’m dealing with it, OK?
I’ll let you know how I

get on.
Speak soon,