from Glasgow

I've always had a love of writing and of fonts. When I was a child I flirted with the idea of becoming A) a typographer, B) a sign painter or C) an actor. I've not done any of these in a particularly committed way - instead now wishing to label myself as a 'theatre maker', which confuses people. I tried being an actor, but it was a bit boring really. Sometimes I tell people (so as not to prompt too many questions) that I am a director. This is more or less a lie.

Anyway, there's a hairdressers on Victoria road just by where I'm living, that has an awful hand written sign in the window:

I've been wanting to try my hand at signpainting for a while - could be a good money spinner (?) and I enjoy playing with paint. Also, I need a haircut, have no money at all (that's a lie, I have less than no money, minus money) so I told the hairdresser that I could make him a better sign if he gave me a free haircut. Here are the results - of the signpainting, I haven't had the haircut yet.